Monday, December 23, 2019

Choosing the correct tiny home to meet your needs!

Somethings to consider when buying a tiny home.

Tiny homes have the ability to travel or they can be stationary. There are benefits to both traveling as well as stationary living in a tiny home.

What do you need from your tiny home? Do you want to travel or just need the option to take your tiny home with you when you move?

Is your main purpose to travel? 

If your main purpose is travel these are some things to consider:

Affordability - Tiny homes can be heavy, requiring more gas to travel. Tiny house travel can actually be more expensive than an RV, Van Conversion or Skoolie for instance. The price of gas is definitely an expense to factor in.

Movability - How practical and easy it is to move your tiny home and hook up at the new location? Does it require a larger truck such as a one ton or a UHaul?

Time - How much time is involved in traveling with a tiny home? Tiny homes are heavier which can make you slow. Every trip you take is going to take a lot longer than other forms of recreational travel.

There are several videos on YouTube dealing with the issues of moving a tiny home.

Tiny House Expedition did a series on "What You Need to Know Before You Tow: Important Considerations, Prep, Maintenance, Hooking Up to the Truck & More"

This video details a small in town move. 

Watching videos such as these will give you an idea of what is involved in moving a tiny house. They will help you get an idea of whether or not you would actually want to travel in a tiny home.  

This video details moving our tiny homes. 

Does your tiny home require a permit to move? Our tiny homes are 12 wide. They require a permit to move. In Texas a permit is $45.

Our tiny homes were not built for travel. They are movable tiny homes that you can take with you when you move. 

Is your main purpose to have an affordable and comfortable place to live?

If your main purpose of owning a tiny house is a place to live these are some things to consider:

Comfort - How comfortable is the tiny home on a daily basis? 

Do you have enough room in the kitchen to cook on a daily basis? 

Is the bathroom large enough for everyday use?

Could you live in a loft bedroom? Would access to the bedroom be a problem? Do you need your bedroom to be on the same level as the rest of the house?

In this video Jenna with Tiny House Giant Journey discusses making her bed in a loft.

Our tiny homes only have one level so the bedroom is on the same level as the rest of the house.

Safety - How safe is your tiny home? When a tiny home is 8.5 wide by 13 feet tall they are taller than wider. This means they can turn over just like RV's can. 

This video details how an RV blew over in a windstorm in St. Peters, Mo. What happened and how the people inside survived and escaped.

Our homes are 12 wide. They are wider than they are taller which makes them safer. They can also be tied down. 

Our tiny homes are considered sheds. They can be moved within city limits with a shed permit. 

If you have access to land, either yours or a family members, you can save thousands each year by not renting. The money you save can be used towards a down payment on a site built home, an education, or starting a new business.  

The best part is you can take your tiny home with you when you are ready to move!

This video goes over the options available with our homes.

We hope this blog post gives you a few things to think about when considering your new tiny home. Thank you for reading!